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Guide to Fees

Your surgical procedure will involve separate fees depending on how you decide to have your procedure: – For Local Anaesthetic (awake but numbed)

  1. Surgical fee
  2. LA facility fee
  3. Pharmacy fee (if you are given a script)
  4. Pathology fee (if tissue or blood tests are done)

– For General Anaesthetic (asleep and numb)

  1. Surgical fee
  2. Anaesthetic fee
  3. Hospital fee
  4. Pharmacy fee (if you are given a script)
  5. Pathology fee (if tissue or blood tests are done)

These fees may attract medicare and/or private health rebates depending on your situation

Surgical Fee:

At the time of your consultation Dr Nikolarakos will provide a quote for your surgery that is based on:

  • the time required for the surgery
  • the complexity of the surgery

In general the Surgical fee for removal of one wisdom tooth is between $250 and $600 and averages $350 to $450. Item numbers will be provided in your estimate and are used to describe procedures to your health fund. Health fund cover and rebates vary greatly but the fund will generally advise you what rebate you can expect from the surgery, prior to your procedure. Payment of the surgical fee is required prior to surgery and methods of payment are detailed on your quote.

Anaesthetic Fee:

Your surgeon is unable to quote on the anaesthetic fee as this is determined by the specialist anaesthetist. However, once your surgery date is confirmed you will given the details of your anaesthetist in order to obtain the anaesthetic fee estimation. The anaesthetic fee is generally determined by the length of time of surgery and, for removal of wisdom teeth, is usually in the range of $500 to $800. This usually translates to a gap of $150 to $250 dollars if you have private hospital cover or $400 to $700 if you are uninsured and claiming purely through medicare.

Hospital Fee:

As a guide, the day surgery fee for removal of wisdom teeth is $850 to $1600 but if you are privately insured with hospital cover then you will usually only have to pay your excess. We recommend that you contact the relevant hospital to confirm this prior to your surgery and please bring your Private Health Insurance card on the day of surgery. If you do not have Private Health Insurance then the hospital fee is paid on the day of surgery.

Pathology Fee:

Sometimes abnormal tissue found during your procedure may have to be sent for further testing. Dr Nikolarakos makes every attempt to advise you ahead of time if this is likely. In the majority of cases you will be able to claim much of this fee through medicare. Occasionally blood tests may be required prior to surgery and much of this fee is rebatable through medicare.

Pharmacy Fee:

Dr Nikolarakos will usually prescribe pain medication and antibiotics at the time of surgery but these are usually eligible for the PBS and your pharmacist will advise on the out-of-pocket fee.

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